Saturday, August 27, 2011

Do As You Would Be Done By

Attention: This entry contains a bit emotional content!

So long as this place is still called the world, thus it’s been occupied by a wide range of humans coming from diverse social backgrounds and dissimilar lifestyles. Not forgetting that some can be so annoying and some can be so generous.

Working as a sales assistant is a bonus for me to meet a variety of people. I feel slightly delighted for meeting new people whom I’ve never even met before. However, personally, my workplace is thoroughly not a fun place to work at. Sorry for having to be too straightforward. I prefer behaving this way to lying. It makes the world better, doesn’t it?

I’ve been insulted by my employer and customers almost daily. Yup, this is a fact you’ve to accept whether you like it or not. It’s been so typical to me already, anyways. Oh God, it’s completely disappointing as my employer whose nationality is a Malay has been doing such bad things toward a Malay like me. 

To get a clearer picture, let me tell you what happened this morning ( actually two days ago). There’s a male customer who’s about 40 asking me to get him something. At first, I heard he said jagung (English: corn ), so I got him a can of Sweet Corn. Then, he insisted he actually wanted ibu jagung. I swear I didn’t even hear the first word ‘ibu’ when he mentioned it, only if did he really do that. The uttered word ‘ibu’ definitely doesn’t signify the mother and surely I knew it. Shortly after a while, I took a bottle of ‘ibu jagung’ yet that one wasn’t still what he really asked for. He once again said it in Terengganuvian dialect, “Hok se gi... hok dalang botol”. (English: “The other one... which is in a bottle”). I whereupon got it to him. Oh finally, yeah I was right. Ironically, the previous one I showed was also in a bottle, you know. OMG!    

It might sound alright whether he kept silent afterwards and went ahead with what he’s gonna do. In contrast, that didn’t happen at all. It annoyed me so much since he said something bad to my employer which went, “Kalu mung masuk mahkamah, menang mung lagi, Mat.” which meant in other words, “If I were to be claimed at the court for choosing the wrong bottle (ibu jagung), they’d forever win!” That only if were the court an idiot like him for arguing such a brainless case. Again, what a waste of time!

My argument is that I didn’t hear the first word ‘ibu’ which he mentioned in the first place and the possible factors could be that I was standing too far from his whereabouts, not to mention the noise pollution around seeing that the shop is located by the roadside. Besides, it is also a main road which is so heavy with non-stop passing vehicles every day. Therefore, pretty sure it wasn’t my fault!

Maybe, I was guilty for forgetting to ask him back when I was supposed to. Hmm... scratch that! It’s not the case either I heard it or not. The point I wanna highlight here is that he’s insulted me! I repeat, HE HAS INSULTED ME! Who the hell am I he’s thinking?! I’m also a human who’s got feelings. And, on what reason should he the asshole do that to me? Presumably he thought I was just an idiot. Yeah, I’m only a sales assistant and might never finish school or an unemployed. I don’t mind if that’s what’s on his mind. Who cares? Plus, I don’t need to introduce him who I am.

I care the shit he’s done to me! Freaking unacceptable! I feel damn wounded on account of his very awful and cruel remarks. I feel like taking revenge on him by saying something like “Pak Cik, you know what? You’re such a fucking asshole” in English. Fortunately, I didn’t, respecting the fasting month probably. Aha, maybe I’d say “Thanks for insulting me. I love it.” (with the tone of sarcasm)

He’s not the only one. In fact, there’s another lady requesting 80 eggs of class B. She approached me and showed her eight-opening fingers. I first thought she wanted 8 bars of eggs which equal 240 eggs altogether. Shortly, she came closer to me and growled that she only requested 80 eggs, not 240. She then said to me, “Cepat sikit dik... dok mayang Asor agi ni” (English: “Hurry up, Kid! Haven’t performed Asar prayer yet.”). You know what? I think I should reply to her this way, “Nak cepat boleh, buat sendiri la...” (English: “Sure can, help yourself to the eggs!) What do you think? Does it sound rude? I think it’s far better than her cruel mouth, isn’t it? LOL.

Moreover, I’ve to face a few more disgusting customers who deliberately want me to be told off by my annoying employer. At times, I’ve already handed the stuff they asked for – yet, they still question whether that’s what they’ve asked for. Mana tak sakit hati kan? Deep in my heart I cursed, “Engkau yang nak beli, aku tunjuk, engkau sendiri pulak yang tak tahu betul ke tak... what an idiot!” Geram betul... it’s good that I still felt patient at that time or you’re dead!

One more thing is that I hate my employer, to be more outspoken. He likes underestimating his employees before his so-called ‘loyal’ customers. I most frequently overhear such things many times. Strictly speaking, I’m not such a kind person. I dare to deliver a religious speech before them! I would say, “Insulting others is a sin and you all the unconscious elderly please update your religious knowledge before you kick the bucket or the hell is awaiting you ahead.”

I see my employer’s foolishness at times. He sure is, occasionally. There’s no need to put on a kopiah on his head if his heart is terribly smelly like hell! A small number of customers are idiots too! Now, I don’t know if I should remain silent or fight back their insulting words. Thinking too much about this can drive me crazy and it brings no good after all. Hence, I’d better forget it. This is much better, indeed. What I can simply say here is “Kesian, dah tua pun masih bodoh rupanya... oh well, apa nak buat... mereka sungguh ‘berbudi bahasa’. They’re ever so annoying and that’s that!

My advice is do as you would be done by which is defined ‘Should you demand other people to treat you as polite as you always wish, you MUST do it first to others’. By the way, bear in mind that our age can’t really distinguish how better we are. I couldn’t agree more that people are getting much stupider sometimes by not using their reason accordingly, seriously. 


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