Saturday, August 13, 2011

Are You A Creative Thinker?

The excellence in academic is highly respected. It’s become the utmost measurement for somebody to ‘have a better life’. Think! How many people in the world really use their creative thinking frequently? Through my random observation, many Malays with poor academic performance prefer choosing to work after the SPM exam. Despite the failure in the past, only have few chosen to further studies. The normally excuse given is financial problem. Yes, but it doesn’t mean a student studying at a private university can’t apply for PTPTN loan or others. To be or not to be – that’s the question.

I’m convinced that creative thinking is crucial for helping someone succeed in his life. Just imagine a Malay working at a sundry shop and he considers the job is the only one he can do. His mindset has been ‘frozen’ for thinking that he can’t. In reality, the Malaysians have seen and the world has proven that many successful people aren’t necessarily varsity graduates or something. Think of the biggest gambling centre in Malaysia like Genting Highlands, well known as the City of Entertainment in the state of Pahang, the founder who’s a Chinese was said that he didn’t even pass the UPSR exam. In contrast, he managed to be listed amongst Malaysia’s millionaires. So great! This was one of the creative thinkers whom I’m talking about.

I used to hear when an Add Maths teacher growled at me that choosing teaching as a career wouldn’t make you richer! One more thing which sounds more inspiring is that 9/10 rezeki is from business. I believe it. However, it doesn’t even mean I aspire to be a businessman someday. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also did business during his lifetime. Why I don’t choose businessman to be my job isn’t important here.

In my opinion, one can do many more things whether they’re creative. To illustrate my point, just think of a teacher at school who also teaches at a tuition centre or does some business to earn extra income. Besides, I’ve seen tons of people today grow more creative. Many Uni students have published novels at market. Brilliant idea! I wish I wanted to be like them as well, Insha-Allah.

I think someone’s got to be more ‘dynamic’ and creative so they’re able to ‘wear different hats in a day’. Having more than 1 job is just awesome. Again, the demand of discipline in terms of time management is essential enough or they’ll get nothing. 


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