Thursday, August 25, 2011

Look Before You Leap!

My gratitude is to be expressed to Allah the Almighty for still giving me the opportunity to meet Ramadan Al-kareem once again at the grown-up age of 20’s. Praise be to Him. To all Muslims in the world, hope it’s still not too late to wish, happy fasting! Scratch that for a while since I’m not gonna talk about it for this time. Let’s now appreciate what I’d already experienced over the last few weeks, shall we?
After several weeks working as a sales assistant, I myself have felt how hard this job is. As you know, absolutely this kind of job doesn’t employ an employee with any higher educational qualification like a bachelor’s degree. More precisely, this job needs not an SPM graduate either. This job is much more suitable for those looking for a job which is enough to classify it amongst the ‘halal’ jobs in Islam. This is far better than ‘working’ as a beggar, burglar or stealer– only if are these allegedly counted as a job, then. Working as a sales assistant at a sundry shop, for instance, requires you to be ever energetic. Yes, I’m talking about energy. A low-paying job most typically entails a lot of your energy over working hours and this job I think isn’t even called a profession. Plus, no interview session is necessary to be conducted for new recruitment. You just need to show up and applying the job using your enzyme will do.

My experience for choosing this job for the time being has kept me wondering. I often see many hard-working workers don’t fast during the holy month. Who cares if you’re a non Muslim? However, people care because you’re a Muslim who’s obliged to fast for a month in Ramadan. Furthermore, you’re a male. I’m feeling so upset when they’re down to drink a bottle of water in the lorry. I can’t deny that their job having to carry and delivering so heavy stuff to each supplier every day is such an exhausting job! I dare to say so because I myself have undergone all this myself! In fact, it’s extremely exhausting and I’m not lying!  

I admit I haven’t much stamina to work very hard daily. It’s alright whether I love that job but I so loathe it, unfortunately. I wish my employer would consider us sales assistants to get some more rest since it’s during the fasting month. Whenever we feel tired, we can’t even drink unless remain patient till it’s time to break fast. Sorry to say so ‘cause I’ve just never seen this happening, really. Oh well, I’m just trying to be outspoken.

I’d been thinking of each of the hard-working workers’ luck who gotta use their whole energy when carrying dozens of heavy things every day. I can’t buy it whether they’re varsity graduates. Yet, I’m pretty sure if they got another choice, they didn’t even want to keep working that way. Who wants to work under the heat of the sunlight for 6 days a week if they’ve got a better choice to work in an air-conditioned office, right?

I’ve realised the truth of this and the rationale is that one has gotta study very hard and perform well at school. I’ve realised how educational qualification has become thoroughly essential for current job market. That’s why I feel pity on school children who’ve yet to be aware of this circumstance. Disciplinary problems at schools such as skipping classes, smoking, getting involved in illegal race, fighting and hanging out are only a waste of time. School students should be more intelligent in decision making. I’ve no idea whether I’m presently the only one who’s thinking this way. Had I got the opportunity, I wanted to share the pain to be ‘accepted’ by low-paying job workers with them so they know how complicated this life can be without having any educational qualifications. Based on my personal experience, being a sales assistant at a sundry shop is such a tiring job! If I were you, I wouldn’t easily choose this job for my future. It’s not even worth it!

Quite certain that students have their own determinations, however how far they’ve done to make their determination come true every time is always the question. Only will many school graduates regret when it’s already too late ‘to turn over a new leaf’. Time for sure can never be rewound. Well, it’s good to look before you leap, sometimes.

My advice to all SPM candidates this year, please and please study hard for your own future or you’ll regret it forever.


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