Friday, August 5, 2011

3rd Class Economy Sector

This is my personal blog so I can ‘scribble’ anything I please, forever. This statement is freshly stuck in my head. After quite some time, I’ve got to see eye to eye that this in fact makes sense too. This constitutes the ownership of the blog. In addition, the way one writes best symbolizes one’s characteristics and manners, be it good or bad. The reader is always free to judge and evaluate. Alright, not gonna talk about this.

I wondered the other week on how my bosom buddy had been spending his lifetime working at a sundry shop which is where I’m currently working at for almost a couple of years. Wow! The unstoppable curiosity made me think of giving it a try. At first, I thought it was as easy as ABC. But, my previous assumption was totally false! Now I’ve got it!


I was just fortunate because working at the sundry shop which needs not be mentioned here is a lot more different than at ‘the’ hotel (Just hope that you’ve known which hotel I’m referring to). It looks merely a small shop but nevertheless working there seems as if you’re a full-time gardener or farmer. Anyhow, we don’t even call a worker at a sundry shop like that, they’re probably called a sales assistant. Dunno whether this term has been chosen precisely. I’m just guessing.

Being a sales assistant, personally, is much trickier and much more exhausting than a front office assistant. It entails and demands a very energetic worker at all times. As an ordinary human, one can never escape of feeling exhausted and tired, mainly after having carried a lot of stuff. I’ve experienced this kinda situation which turns to be a nightmare to me. Yeah, I mean it!

On the first day of working, I felt I wanted to quit the job immediately, seriously. Plus, it’s during the fasting month of Ramadhan whereby Malaysian Muslims are obliged to fast for 8 hours or so ever since the call of Subuh prayer gets started until Maghrib. It may be a little OK if it’s not a fasting month cos I could drink a gallon of water anytime.

Hearing my fellow colleague’s fasting month working experience that he had to break fast occasionally, I was dramatically overwhelmed by the feeling of fright. Wish it wouldn’t happen to me till the end of Ramadhan… Ameen. According to the Islamic teaching, I know that a hard-working man may break fast according to the Islamic teaching and has to replace it in any other months. However, I don’t think I need to do so. I ought to be even stronger and forever remember Allah.

Quite certain that you wanna know how the work looks like, don’t you? How’s it different if compared to working at ‘the’ hotel? Let me explain to you my working ‘routine’ in the bulleted points as follows:

Ø  Once the sundry shop is open, my first task is sweep the floor.
Ø  Then, arrange stuff available in the shop and make sure all are in the right order.
Ø  Refill any insufficient amount of stuff that has varied.

I tend to get sweaty most quickly by this time although I’ve just started doing it for less than an hour.

Ø  Gotta treat any customers and fulfill their needs.
Ø Be patient with the customer’s annoying and disgusting behavior.
Ø  Carry heavy things such as a few sacks of rice, gas etc.
Ø  Complete the task assigned as quickly as possible or the customer will growl at me.
Ø  Keep all stuff clean.

The big challenge is when I don’t have the time to take five. My boss will assign me to do so many things like hell. But what to do, that’s my BOSS and I’ve no choice even though I wish I could.

The most awaited part is at 1 o’clock sharp as I may go home and should’ve come back after 1 hour. Since my home isn’t that far so I most frequently decide to go back home. Generally I’d much rather spend the one-hour duration by taking my shower and chilling out for the little time left. Then, get back to the world of working!

This is my favourite moment because:

  • I can take five a bit longer. I let my body be touched by the cold wind from a cooler fan, as if I were somewhere at the beach. How restful it is!
  • The number of customers is getting lesser and is no longer as many as in the morning.
  • My energy isn’t that necessary during this time.
  • I am to do something lighter such as measuring something such as salt and packing rubber band.

This is when my energy is required back because the boss is now there! So no more rest!
Ø  Prior to the boss’ attendance, I’ve always ‘escaped’ for performing Asar prayer. What a greater way to escape, huh?
Ø  Customers are increasing.
Ø  I must entertain the customers and don’t ever let them ‘attack’ the cashier a.k.a the boss or otherwise I’ll be scolded.
Ø  This is when I’m damn sick since I’m not that familiar with cooking stuff. Fascinatingly, I get to learn to know ‘new’ things which aren’t so new for the cook in Malaysia.
Ø  My colleague advised that I be more ‘active’ in entertaining customers when it’s a quarter to 6 or I’ll be going back home much later as this is the time when customers are accustomed to coming and getting things.

When it’s come to an end: at 6:00 p.m.

You must be pretty good at guessing how delighted I’d be feeling. Be quick! Be quick! I wanna go home! When I may leave, that’s when I feel FREAKING relieved! Happily I’m going home.


Now, I myself have put myself in my bosom friend’s shoes… it’s totally far exhausting to be a sales assistant than a teacher. But the distinction is that:

You use your ENERGY to work at a sundry shop, but…
You use your INTELLIGENCE to work as a teacher at school or tuition centre.


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