Sunday, August 7, 2011

Staff are like stuff?

I feel as if I’m called to question a circumstance which has been a phenomenon in our today’s society. I’m quite unsure whether it’s been happening for a long time. What’s on my mind is that it’s thoroughly a truth and a reality. I got this from my observation and little experience.

I don’t think that some employers do CARE about his or her staff. Let me narrow the scope of my perception.  To illustrate my point, it’s just like a father doesn’t care about his wife and children. Neither does he bother thinking what’s going on nor asking them after.

I dare to say that these employers are selfish and they’re best called the irresponsible. What’s on their mind is, “…profits oh…a lot more profits… please come to Papa… I’m gonna be rich! Aku kaya! Aku kaya!”. Shit! This would be even much trickier when the poor have changed to be amongst the rich. Kami dah lupa diri. They totally forget their accountability towards their staff whom have helped them a lot making him well-to-do. They might simply say, “Ada aku kesah?” Even worse when the employers most regularly ignore their staff’s health condition and tiredness ‘cause to them, these are none of their business!

What actually makes someone a good employer? Aha, nice question, isn’t it?

Personally, a good employer is somebody who:

ü  Knows their staff well and origins.
ü  Treats staff like friends but is still firm at times.
ü  Cares his staff’s health, predicament and problems.
ü  Has a very good friendship with the staff.
ü  Never nags and scolds staff but advices them more.
ü  Never makes up stories which ‘smells’ like a slander.
ü  Dislikes insulting and cursing at staff.
ü  Is always supportive.
ü  Is considerable with staff whenever possible.

I don’t know. But, I don’t think my employers, be it at the hotel or at the sundry shop, possess those characteristics listed above. It’s too impolite to say so but I’m just being outspoken anyways which is much better. And, MAYBE many employers just assume their staff like S-T-U-F-F… hmm, what if it’s true? Have a think, then.


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