Sunday, September 4, 2011

Eid-ul Fitr

So glad to share my excitement with you that I finished reading a novel two days prior to the Eve. It’s a Malay-written novel entitled ‘Ekspedisi’ by Mohd Ghazali Tocheh. I bet some of you’ve ever read it up. My previous Ramadhan I think had been spent wisely, praise be to Allah. Despite the fact that I’d been so busy working during the daytime, I still chanced to steal a little time of mine at night to turn to every page of the novel. I used to read prior to sleep or after sahur. Overwhelmed by the feeling of exhaustion didn’t prevent me practicing this finest culture, I mean reading.   

Apparently, Eidul Fitr has come to an end. Many people have got to work! In Malaysia, the festival is most typically celebrated for 1 month in Syawal. There’ll be a lot of Open House  occasions everywhere. So merry and it’s not too much to say that the festival is a lot merrier than many other countries on the globe. How lucky I am for being a Malaysian!

This year, Eidul Fitr is also called ‘Merdeka Raya’ as the second day of the festival was the National Day which is celebrated on the thirty-first of August annually. Due to Eidul Fitr, the National Day is to be postponed to Malaysia Day which falls on September 16. It’s a public holiday and that doesn’t mean I’ll be off-duty on that day unless I worked at a government sector, then I’d smile significantly. =)

What’ve I done during the merriest festival in the country? I’ve no idea to summarize it. At the end of Ramadhan, the fasting month, I totally lost my mood to celebrate ‘the Muslims’ day of triumph’. Can you possibly imagine on the first day of Eidul Fitr, right after returning from the community mosque, Surau Flat Al-Ikhwan performing Eidul Fitr prayer congregationally, I felt too sleepy and whereupon fell asleep on the sofa. Consequently, I missed to visit my grandpa’s sister and brother’s homes. Late in the afternoon, my family and I went back to kampong by car which is located in the west of the city, 20 minutes away from my home in Pasir Panjang. On the following days, I attended so many Open House occasions and most of them are my relatives.

Hold on! I wanna declare that…

I’ve lost 3kg after fasting for 1 month!!!

I feel somewhat unhappy with that news. It’s not as easy as ABC to gain my weight back. That’s why I’ve to work harder to keep ‘growing’. I need the 3KG back... please! In addition, my appetite over Eidul Fitr has become really strange. Wherever I stopped, I ate. I’m like a very hungry man!

Speaking a little bit about my job, I’d like to thank so much to my employer for presenting me a dozen of Mirinda carbonated drink and some packs of peanuts FOR FREE! Yet, I’ve to apologize for not coming to work today. Actually, I got a few must-attend invitations, from my neighbor, bosom friends and so on. I know I couldn’t make it whether I went to work today. I’m really sorry. I wish for some changes afterwards when working in a non-fasting month. Hope so. We’ll see what’ll happen next and then I’ll let you know.

Hope it's not too late yet to wish... 


  1. kerol, i'm not working in government sector, but 16 Sept, Malaysia Day is a public holiday for us..hehehe

    1. Oh, lucky you. I was working at a sundry shop at the time I was writing this entry.