Friday, September 9, 2011

It's A Perfect Time

It’s now a perfect time I think if I’ve decided to quit working by today (in fact, I already quit yesterday). Apparently, it’s been a week already after Eidul Fitr and it sounds unbelievable. Besides, this is the most perfect time for me to take some rest. I know there’ll be so many things to get over prior to my Convocation Day which is just around the corner. That I’ve worked at the sundry shop for 1 month is such a great achievement! Ya, I’m super stoked in that I’ve managed to work there more than 1 month, way better than the hotel where I worked at in the past. I don’t mean I love working at the sundry shop but ya, between the two, it’s definitely the better.

Isn’t it too rushed to quit? Hmm.. nay. I think this is the time to move to other things. I can never suppose any possibilities to occur next week. Why next week? Because I know it can be a very hectic week since I’ve been informed that I'm required to fill in a few forms whether for the Convocation Day (including robe collection & returning forms) or even for a must-answer survey – which is named Tracer Study. I’ve no idea what they’re and are for. We'll see.

More importantly, I’ve long checked out my clearance status which obviously states that I haven’t settled with the mahallah (college), the library and the finance division yet. Last but not least is the transcript (Do I really need that? No idea!). Thus, I’m to be back to the campus ASAP. I’d have got all over by the end of this September or otherwise I might probably be facing some trouble later which is something I can't let it happen. One question comes to my mind: When to leave for Kuala Lumpur? Hmm... I myself have yet to decide, frankly, still up in the air. Maybe right after undergraduate students have come back to campus for the forthcoming semester. How much longer? Hmm...well, I feel I wanna stay on campus for a couple of days. I don’t think to be there more than that. Duk rumah lagi best kot, seriously!

How come a couple of days? As I wanna copy back all the movies, at least half of ‘em that I’ve lost on account of the irresponsible party. I know it's out of the main purpose... LOL. Who're they? No need to mention here. I don’t even wanna keep it in mind forever. Sape suke kan? I’d better take the past lesson so I’ll never repeat it anymore afterwards, ever! On top of that, I need an external hard disk – it seems a must-have property for a laptop owner like me. Why not get it very soon? Oh, I can’t afford yet. Hopefully later, when I’ve got a job as well as a big income. So naughty. What about the current salary? Na, I can’t either! It’s sure enough to purchase one or two hard disks, but i’m gonna spend the income for something a lot more significant. What is it? Well... I do mind to tell you everything. Uh-oh! Sorry, too outspoken. 

Let’s take our mind off thinking about this awhile. I’m much keener on talking over on what I’m gonna do after quitting the job. Through my observation, I notice, nowadays I read lesser than ever. Yeah, I got to finish reading up the novel ‘Ekspedisi’ written by Mohd Ghazali Tocheh and that’s super awesome! Nevertheless, one thing I’m pretty sure is that I’ve left English behind and should polish my English back. Even though I’ve always put my English grammar books on a table next to my bed, I find I still read them less, in fact lesser than I used to. This is really bad for me. I must begin my new lifestyle together with new determinations that can assist me in the future.


By the way, after 1 month working at the sundry shop, I realise that I’ve learned a lot. Poyo je... walhal lega gila sebab dah lepas 1 tanggungjawab kan... This little experience has made me understand the world of diverse careers and the society far and far better. The experience has changed my mindset as well. It's made me even stronger to undergo the future. Wish me luck, guys!

                          See! I dare to wear this T-shirt - if I really had one.


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