Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Abandoned Diskettes

How’re you diskettes? I was sleepless thinking about your bad luck..


Well... although it’s been seventy-two months already, I can still feel as if I completed my computer course just yesterday. In fact, the computer course I enrolled is usually managed by a computer centre in the city, namely DMA Information Technology Sdn. Bhd. It’s located at No. 74-A, 1st Floor, Jalan Banggol, 20200 Kuala Terengganu. Go search it now! Haha. Kidding.
Talking about how I registered myself in the course at the beginning, everything actually began in December 2005. At that time, my status was still a secondary school graduate as well as SPM-leaver. My former school was SMA Sultan Zainal Abidin, Ladang and is popularly known as SMASZA Ladang. I got to gain much knowledge of ICT at the premise for less than 4 months starting from December to early March. There’re uncountable memoirs I’ve left there. In short, the computer-based course offered by the company is indescribably awesome and appealing! Plus, highly recommended for all.

Does one really need the computer course?

I swear I was really IT illiterate during my school time. Yet, I’m not saying I never touched the mouse or surfed the Internet. Just not expert and less knowledgeable. The essentiality of IT knowledge is just undeniable especially in the era of science and technology today! Even rural villagers have already learnt and known what World Wide Web and social webs are. I believe that many of them have signed up Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, e-mail and many more.

Wanna know what actually made me keen on registering the course?

Once upon a time... hehe... don’t worry. This isn’t like a scary movie on TV. Trust me... I used to experience a very shameful incident at school in 2004. It’s all because of my own fault. The venue I remember was in the school View Room and it’s actually an English lesson. So nice that it’s still freshly stuck in my head. At least, I can share with you guys right here in this blog. Well... everything occurred just as my English teacher, Mrs Hajjah Sabariah Abdul Mubin assigned me to type ‘Dear Ali’ – as we’re typing an informal letter – in her laptop on the table in the front. She’s using an LCD Projector so our typing would be coming out visibly on the screen. Indescribably embarrassing in that I spelt the words wrongly. To be honest, I was IT illiterate and never knew how to type an uppercase, ever! I’m telling you I’d never heard and learnt anything about Microsoft Word after 16 years I’d been alive on the earth. Come on! Let’s say this together, “Oh God, this is so incredible!”

That I guess is the finest answer why I enrolled at the computer centre. You know what? As soon as I received the letter from DMA, I didn’t think twice anymore. Moreover, I wasn’t alone. My close buddy, Bukhari had been accompanying me from the beginning till the end. Thanks so much, dude! Typically, we took a bus to get to the computer centre in the mornings. We’re lucky in that the Kuala Terengganu City Council Bus Station is just located 500m away from our expected destination. We frequently walked to the premise together from the bus station.

Wonder what my buddy and I learnt there?

Oh, too much! After the topics Microsoft Word and Power Point, we’re subsequently introduced by the tutor to the world of the Net. She too taught us on how to sign up e-mail and many more. Not only those, we also learnt how to provide an account just like what we previously studied at school in the subject Principles of Accounting. A lot of steps we’re taught such as inserting numbers and information into a database via Microsoft Excel and whatnot. It’s ever so enjoyable guys!

As if I can’t buy it that the knowledge I gained from the centre has helped me so much particularly over my 5-year studies at Uni. I was said to be safe in that I’m no longer an IT illiterate. That my decision to register at the computer centre was perfectly the most brilliant step I ever made. So proud of myself. Thank you Allah the All-knower for creating a healthy mind for me.

What ever was the device utilised?

Owing to the inexpensive price, probably, we only utilised diskettes during that time. Do you know what a diskette is? If not, look at the picture above or simply click the link that follows for further understanding:

What a pity! The diskette can only be accessed by using a PC. The laptop and netbook surely can’t. Additionally, in the 21 century, the diskette is no longer used. No wonder if there’re some people on this planet today who don’t even realize about the diskette existence, primarily a new born baby nowadays. 

As far as I know, the pendrive has long ‘taken over’ the diskette. With the better larger capacity and flexibility, the world have moved to a smaller device called ‘pendrive’. But, that’d already happened several years before. I’m not able to precisely guess the current price of a pendrive, not like Nujum Pak Belalang. Huhu... I remember the last time I purchased a 4GB pendrive which cost of RM30. Pretty sure that its price is now getting far cheaper. Sorry, I haven’t updated myself with the current price of pendrives at market.    




Here goes...

My kid brother talked about diskette lately. He discovered a diskette which belongs to my big brother. Because of that, I suddenly recalled that I do own 2 diskettes with me. Ya, good news that I’ve been keeping them safely as yet in my drawer downstairs. I got them whereupon and wanted to open the diskettes again after 6 years. Praise be to Allah, it didn’t get me into hot water because we’ve got a PC at home. I wished I could bring back the so-called nostalgia of my 3-month studies at DMA.

What a bad luck! Neither diskettes could be opened. Urgh! I was freaking upset! So upset! Upset! It really let me down yet it’s good for giving it a try, though. Thinking of the possible factor, I assumed at first that I wrongly inserted the diskette. So, I’d kept trying out opening them many times. No matter how many times I’d tried, it seemed neither of the diskettes truly worked. Damn, once again, so disappointing! Apparently, I could no longer open them and saw what’s exactly in. I got extremely puzzled and had no idea why neither of the diskettes functioned. What’s wrong with my diskettes, huh? I was thoroughly blank and eventually gave up. Then, I just shut down the PC. Limaaza?

Dah malas nak layan!!! :P


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