Monday, October 3, 2011

The Devil Wears Prada


You needn’t have to tell me that it’s actually a movie title just because I’ve already known. I don’t wanna know how many times you’ve watched it because I’m not the least bit interested to find it out. Er… my two cents? One simple sentence is more than enough… to describe everything about the movie – I very much like it!

I like it? Is it on account of the fashion? or,

Just maybe one of the public figures is my favorite?

Hmm, hope you’ve the time to think twice.


Paris was a daydream destination. Nay, I didn’t say it. The film actor pointed it out that way. Well… who cares? Not even my dream to go travelling there someday. Whoops, sorry.

Look, I’ve got a question for you. Let’s say, you got an offer to work at Runway – that biggest company in the film. Would you like, by any chance, to be Miranda’s assistant? Just like the new Emily… oh, I mean here, Andrea?

Hey, whatcha thinking? You don’t need to. You aren’t being asked for a view as I’ve got my own. Erm, to my way of thinking… the job she was hired is freaking out of my league! Cos when it’s time for your death… one thing you might possibly be thinking about is… what you’ve done over the whole life. What’ve you done all this while? Aha, you now have only 10 seconds to think.

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2

OK, time’s up. Please stop thinking!

Here we go…


Yep, definitely, working! What you’ve done is working! In the American film, she seemed to have been ‘worshipping’ another God, namely The Job. What the hell living just for the fucking job?

Recall one scene when she said ‘I love my job’. I’ve heard this for several times. I see that ‘the job does pay the rent’ as expected. A job is a must-have thing for us to keep surviving in the ever-challenging world. With that, you’ll earn for a living. Of the economic perspectives, undeniably precise.

I dare to say that Andrea put the status of her job at the very top of her daily life. That caused her to be in a stand-by position at all times. Alright guys whether you feel that’s actually what we call ‘work ethic’ and that how you define it via your self-dictionary. Me, simple! Go to hell with your work ethic. What can it do much for me in return for my ‘ever-lasting life’ later? Any answer?  Moreover, we shan’t live in the world for evermore, shall we? The Day of Judgement is awaiting ahead.

In fact, this life comprises so many fascinating things to explore for and I couldn’t agree more. Just like knowledge. On the other hand, we’re never asked by anybody to torture ourselves by accepting such a job which entails us to concentrate it on more than our devotion to Allah the Almighty. Even worse it’s merely a job which can never promise us happiness? Or you’ll be much happier?

What do you say?

Were I you, I’d ensure that I do love the job I’m going into and it’s my interest. Then, happiness is guaranteed. Anyway, back to the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Andrea realized she was wrong eventually. She chose to return to the old life and I salute her decision the most! Hope you guys are thinking the same as I am, are you not?

What if

…you were in her shoes at the moment?

Were you down to be the new Emily? I can’t help you!

You decide, then.

Me? I thought you already knew. Hehe.


  1. @Nasya Azman So, do you mind telling me what you think about the movie? You've got your own perception too, haven't you? I'd love to hear yours.