Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just like a LOSER

Indeed, time flies. It’s unbelievable that I’ve stayed at home for about 2 months. People out there will tease me for failing to spend the couple of months wisely. Reflecting myself, I can see it’s really an unforgivable waste of time. I was accustomed to waking up very late in the morning. Shame on me! I was damn pathetic for teaching myself to have a very dreadful daily routine. Having meals, drinking, going online, getting a rest – these were what I kept in mind at all times. I’m telling you, this is really a bad habit which isn’t supposed to be utilized by a bachelor like me!

By the way, I didn’t let the time go as wasteful as you might be thinking about. Ya, I did read books and do some revision. What revision? I know if you expect only do studying people typically do such thing, I recommend that you think again because it’s totally unacceptable. What’s so funny that even studying people like some of Uni students and school children reluctantly take a book and read. Talking about school children, there’re undeniably a lot of students who don’t get their homework finished on time. Sounds odder whether they spend more time reading books or something.

The process of learning or it’s more precisely called ‘education’ can take place everywhere and anytime. Doesn’t have to take place only at schools and higher educational institutions. Also, doesn’t have to be experienced only by many school children as well as varsity students. Putting multiple effort truly matters and vocabulary must be often ‘updated’ too. Even though the mastery of grammar is good enough, there’s still no point if your vocabulary is less. Both are, in fact, inter-connected and are two crucial elements.     

I’m keen on reading books whose contents are inspiring and inquiring. Yep, promise I’ll do it soon. I know there’s a large bookshelf of a variety of books near my room door. Completely useless whether I’ve never touched one. Humans themselves are to seek for knowledge and everybody knows that. 
Time is money. One of English proverbs which is always stuck in my mind. It’s true that I’ve wasted plenty of time all this while. Choosing to work at a 3-star hotel previously was a very good decision. Nevertheless, got to confess and surrender that it didn’t even suit my soul. That’s why I must be thinking of something from now on. I too envy since many friends of mine are so good in managing their ‘leisure’ time while I’m not. One of them is attending a sewing class. Wow, that’s cool! Another is working as a salesgirl somewhere and so are the rest.

Can’t just let the time elapse like an empty can! Must be doing something! My desire to get to work is still full of enthusiasm! Yeah, I still wanna work. But not a job that puts me under pressure all the time just like before. I’m on my way, considering and negotiating. I understand that ‘the early bird catches the worm’. I’d much rather become the early bird than a loser.

A few weeks back, my effort of delivering the forms of GSTT and KAFA appears no reply. I’d given myself the chance if I would be called. The month of July will be ending soon. I can’t wait for it any longer and an urgent step must be taken. I’ve determined to work at a bakery. Gotta sacrifice a bit although I’ll spend more time working. That’s a lot better, at least.

Furthermore, the fasting month is just around the corner. The circumstance will grow even worse so long as I’ve done nothing yet. I can never remain jobless! Other people have got their first monthly income and me nothing! Admitting how idle I’ve become, of course, if possible, I wanna stay at home as long as possible. In the past, the time was slightly limited, didn’t even chance to stay much longer at home and shortly gotta go pack. This is the real time I’ve been looking forward to, staying at home until I feel fed up.  

The truth is it’s not worth staying at home by doing nothing. I’d do something. Get to work! Yes, work! I must really work. Quitting isn’t what I’m after. If not, where on earth I wanna earn money to sustain my convocation day this October? A hotel payment is nearly RM600 for a three-night stay. So, getting to work is what I’m presently thinking!

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