Thursday, July 21, 2011

When A Dream Come True

Life is believed to be incomplete without dreams. A new born baby on earth today will begin dreaming of something before long. A question can be raised here, ‘Does a dream truly matter to us?’ If you ask me, this is how I would reply: ‘Yup. Definitely, it is.’

Living without dreams is just like a dead corpse. Living without dreams is similar to instilling ourselves without visions. Needless to say every one of us has got, at least, a dream with them. Even the drug addicts have got their own dreams. It is false and slightly unacceptable to point out that all sufferings being faced by someone are the consequences of what they have dreamt about. In fact, I dare to say that there is no mankind dreaming of something bad or I am wrong?

I personally agree that a dream is suitably called an aspiration. To attain the dream, it entails and demands much effort and consistency from a person himself. So the dream will at last come true as expected.  

A dream is also similar to a goal or an objective. A Muslim, for instance, should often dream of entering Allah’s paradise in the hereafter if that is what he wants, in fact. Conversely, our eyes can be the best witnesses that nowadays most Muslims are getting away and away of God and the religion. Wealth is what they are busily seeking for. Astaghfirullahal ‘azim.

I have had ‘thousands’ of dreams ever since early childhood. More dreams of mine have already become a reality. I therefore feel very grateful to Allah the Almighty for making my dreams come true. Confessing that humans are greedy, there are a lot more dreams I have not achieved yet.

When I was a small kid, I was firmly forbidden to eat at any fast food restaurants such as KFC, Pizza Hut and Mc Donald’s. Only could I hear my buddies’ exciting stories having meals there – but nevertheless they have been no more than my one-stop centres presently.

A few years ago, I was too curious to feel myself how fast an express bus is driven. In August 2006, it was the first time I got up an express bus to Kuala Lumpur. The express bus has been the most frequent public transport I have gotten up for homecoming for the last 5 years.

In the past, I only got to see passengers queuing up getting on a plane like MAS and Air Asia – but today, things changed! I have gotten on a plane for nearly 15 times.

I had always wanted to travel to Cameron Highlands previously. It is located in the north of Pahang – but in January 2010, it was a reality. I could feel the cool climate there. I was thinking that if all the 14 states in Malaysia had such a pleasant climate like Cameron Highlands, most probably that Malaysia wouldn’t be situated near the Equator. Am I not correct?

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An SPM candidate would love to pursue studies at university, be it local or international ones and so would I. Now it sounds relatively incredible as I have already graduated. It is like a miracle that I got admission at a very prestigious varsity like UIAM. I am proud of being a graduate of the higher educational institution. Subhanallah!

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As long as I am alive, dreams will always be there. I still have got so many dreams. Dreaming of:

  • Flying much farther to overseas especially to 4-seasonal countries
  •  Furthering studies in a Master’s Degree and Ph.D, subsequently
  •  Travelling around all continents in the world.
  • Performing hajj in Saudi Arabia.
  •  Registering a cooking class and learning how to cook.

Those dreams will never be a reality without struggling extra hard. That is why I am such an ambitious guy. It is not wrong to be ambitious, is it?

In short, dreams do matter in everyone’s life. Without a dream, a person lives without any direction and objective. In the Islamic perspective, mankind lives in order to worship Allah by constantly enjoining the good and forbidding the evil. Well… dreaming of entering Allah’s paradise is a dream too, right? 


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