Monday, July 4, 2011

Why bother typing in ENGLISH?


It’ll be a lot easier if I typed in Bahasa, won’t it? Hmm… if that’s what I was thinking, I’d better have killed myself. That’s not even a good reason for doing this. So, if you’re really thinking that way right now, I suggest that you go KICK THE BUCKET!

Typing in English won’t make me behave like the White. As evidence, neither do I drink alcohol nor go to church on Sundays. Have you ever seen me do these all this while? If never, SHUT UP!


If I said because of my interest in English, I think it’s been an old-fashioned answer. I know it’s not stated so in any English dictionary like Oxford Dic., NOT YET – unfortunately I’ve marked it that way. How come? Over my job interview the other week, the interviewer told me that everyone applied any job always responds:

“I applied this job due to my deep interest in this profession.”

What the heck when even a 3-year-old kid can answer this way. Since I’m not a kid anymore, it’s such a brilliant idea whether I answer it differently. 


Openly, I type in English because I’m not good at it. Yeah, I'm not good at English! If I typed in Bahasa, nothing much I could improve. And, that’s not my aim signing up a blog. Despite I’m able to speak Malay very fluently, I can’t even say that my Malay grammar is completely tremendous! 

A native speaker of a language most typically doesn’t care about his language grammar. Some might think that they’re already good enough and what’s the point of learning the grammar? It makes sense too, doesn’t it? Language proficiency still entails someone to really be proficient in the language, nonetheless.

For my part, I’m pretty sure that typing in English is the best choice. I find difficulty to speak English daily because there’s no reason why I’ve to speak other languages besides the Malay Language using my hometown dialect. The majority of people around me are Malays. 

Owing to this kinda predicament, I have chosen to write in English. At least, English will always be at my heart. Additionally, I’ll keep learning English and shan’t leave it just like what I’ve done toward Arabic.

I realise that learning a language without practicing to speak the language won’t help that much. It’s ever so useless and ineffective! I’d obtain a good grade in essay writing but impossibly in speaking or communication. It’s a reality that many students regardless primary and secondary school levels or even university students who fail to speak English fluently. 

The lack of speaking practice isn’t really the major problem. The negative attitude toward the English Language and the lack of motivation are amongst the main contributing factors that have led to this state of affairs. Steps must be taken or these people will regret later.

I can still remember from my reading via a book, what many Malaysian English teachers only know is to teach students. In reality, the awareness of the significance of learning the language is none! Maybe, some English teachers think that their teaching skills are sufficiently marvellous as long as they get good student feedbacks on how much they enjoyed the lesson in class. The question is what type of enjoyment they’ve got? Either entertainment or learning? 

Teachers mustn’t take this for granted! Students feel entertained in a lesson occasionally but they’ve no idea what they’re learning. Thus, there’s no point of teaching without awareness. If students are aware of the necessity of learning a second language, in this case, the English Language, I bet that they will learn the foreign language much better.


Briefly, I write (actually type) in English for the betterment of my writing skill. I write and meantime, I learn. I’ll keep writing on and on. Writing is a skill that can be acquired through ‘drills’. That’s why it’s too curical to keep writing.

Typing or writing? Never mind. I choose typing because my handwriting isn’t that neat and legible... LOL  


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