Monday, July 11, 2011

Poor You Abang Polis

Ha! Ha! Ha! Laugh out loud people! What happened to me at one night recently made me unable to keep quiet. The question is what actually happened in that night?

It’s almost at midnight. Right after picking up my sister by motorcycle at Taman Bukit Bayas Indah [kampung sebelah], I stopped by at a 7 Eleven outlet because my other sister at home asked us to get her a loaf of bread. Only did my sister come in and I stayed outside.

It’s already half past 11. Whilst waiting for my sister to purchase the bread, my eyes unexpectedly caught two motorcyclists over the less heavy road, Jalan Pasir Panjang. Who’re they? Robbers?

Before long the motorcyclists stopped beside me. I thought they too wanted to get something from the outlet, I didn’t look at them – yet, I knew they were around. So unfortunately when one of them came approach me! Damn! What did he want?

He requested my Identity Card or I/C. What the hell! At first, I never believed in him. How come? Please don’t tell me you don’t realise that statistically there’s lots of snatch theft cases nowadays. We really gotta be careful all the time. Remembering that thing, I just ignored his request and called my sister to go home ASAP.

“We’re running out of time, sorry Bro! We’re in hurry. Please let us go!” I begged Abang Polis.

The man wearing a helmet was getting obstinate and urged me to display my I/C (Americans call ID), motorcycle license and road tax right away! He firmly introduced himself as a policeman. He appeared unfriendly and requested my I/C impolitely. They behaved just like a group of robbers to me. Served them right!

To prove that they’re ‘original’ policemen, he showed me his police I/C. I know the police Identity Card isn’t the same as ours. It’s slightly more different than ordinary people's.

Guess what? I didn’t trust him even a single word! I didn’t! I obstinately kept ignoring him. My sister came close to us after that. The policeman once again asked, “Where do you live?” I kept dumb and remained silent. I was too obstinate! ROFL

I know everyone can pretend like a policeman and so can I. How can I trust you?”

Several policemen then came at us and another man displayed his police I/C as well. That mattered to me so as to prove that they’re truly policemen not criminals! Ceh wah berlagak macam aku pulak polis!

My sister helped answer the policeman’s question in relation to our dwelling and she persuaded me to display my I/C to him. I most reluctantly did eventually. Tak pe la.. kesian sangat kat abang polis ni…

After checking it out, the policeman returned the I/C to me. Alhamdulillah. Eventually, I trusted them that they’re the police. Nothing was fake!

Deep in my heart…

“Mujur aku terlebih rajin bawak lesen, road tax & pakai helmet malam ni. Kalau tak, mampus! Matilah aku nak menjawabnya!”

We went home whereupon. SELAMAT!

On our way home, I couldn’t stop laughing when recalling the bitter moment just now. I couldn’t imagine how frustrated the policeman was cos I didn’t trust even a single word of his. ROFL!

By the way, I’ve got some advice here, not for us but particularly for the police out there! Hey, look at the motto at any police stations in Malaysia, ‘Mesra, Cepat, Betul’.

There’s a value of courtesy (budi bahasa) identified on the motto – the adjective ‘Mesra’. Talking about the ‘tragic’ moment I underwent that night, I totally disagree if the value of courtesy has been widely applied by the discourteous policeman. He came at and spoke to me like a robber! Who on earth wanna entertain such people?! Where’s the ethic the police apply all this while gone? Therefore, I’d like to stress that courtesy really matters or otherwise the police will certainly experience the same moment like the ‘poor’ policemen!

Always keep in mind that... 

Budi Bahasa Budaya Kita


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