Thursday, July 21, 2011

Facebook Hacker

Two nights ago, I felt damn hurt like a broken glass after reading some silly messages and seeing a so-called YouTube sharing video which were allegedly sent by a male student of SMK Sungai Pusu Gombak – where I taught before.  

I was about to believe that the sender was him at first without any skepticism (AmE: skepticism) at all. If I clicked ‘unfriend’ immediately on the poor kid’s FB, I would be the stupidest person in the world. Thank God, I didn’t.

The bad intention had already been blocked as soon as a friend of mine chatted with me via YM asking for certainty regarding the same embarrassing messages she got on her FB. How surprised I was as she claimed it was me who did the sending! O-M-G. How ‘extraordinary’! I grew puzzled. Shortly, we realized we both had been deceived after all! All of this was done by a fucking HACKER!  

Both of us noticed this as finding each of the messages we both received was exactly the same! In addition, how odd it might sound to me since all the so-called friends’ embarrassing comments were fully written in ENGLISH!   

To be honest, my FB had never been hacked previously. The incident that night was freaking creepy and worrying. Even if I already set my chatting box offline, the impermissible chatting box still appeared on my FB.

Anyhow, I was a bit relieved since many friends of mine have known that my FB was being hacked. They really should be thanked. Meantime, I chanced to ask for their help. They insisted me that change my password ASAP and don’t ever display my photo. Yet, I can’t feel so contented. My FB is still being hacked. Shoot!    

Very hopefully, my posting on the FB wall that informs my FB is being hacked at present has helped overcome this situation, at least. It is hoped that my friends who have become the victims understand what is going on.  

The question is,

“How come my facebook has been hacked? What’s the hidden motive?”

I am pretty sure that this is actually a means the Christianity and the Jews have implemented so as to destroy the Muslims unity. They envy us! By doing so, they expect the Muslims will disunite. As a result, the break-up among the Muslim will occur! 


What else they will benefit by doing such things besides smiling and enjoying the moment. They will laugh at us for being easily deceived.


The Muslims must be a lot wiser! Use the brain or ‘aql’ to the fullest. The incident has given me strength and reminds me to be even more alert and careful at all times.


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