Friday, December 7, 2012

The 360° Leader

he 360° Leader. A book title. I didn’t get the very book written by John C. Maxwell. Deliberately, I sought it out in a bookshop the other day somewhere in KT city centre – & disappointingly I found none. It’s okay. “Not even gonna buy it,” I heard myself saying. Because, frankly speaking, I’ve already possessed one. The book is entitled ‘Guru Pemimpin 360°’. The contents are quite similar but not exactly the same. The book I bought is a Malay-written one which is ‘OK-what?’.

First & foremost, congrats to the writer, Khuzaimah Sulaiman – an outstanding principal – for writing this book out.  As a teacher, I’ve got no reason for not having it one. Guess what? I finished reading it up last week.


People, all I can say about this book is just with a single adjective, “awesome”. To all Malaysian teachers regardless of age and teaching experience, this book is highly recommended to you. Don’t get egoistic just because you think you’ve long taught in school and, allegedly, have lots of teaching experience. Don’t get egoistic just because you think you know more than what the writer does. Sometimes, I must say, there’re teachers out there who aren’t even good enough at teaching. Even though they’ve got nearly 20 year teaching experience already – a reality!


1)    How many teachers constantly manage to impress their students in their lessons?
2)    How many of them actually have got great teaching skills? And…
3)    How many that have always taken for granted whether their students understand or not?

Oh My Teachers!

Via this book, the writer willingly shares what the Mat Salleh writer a.k.a John C. Maxwell wrote out previously, ‘The 360° Leader’. Overall, the contents are all based on 99 true stories narrated and undergone by a great number of local teachers themselves in schools. I find that there’s so much knowledge I’ve gained and lessons I’ve learnt from this 177-page book. A suggested reference book for today’s teachers in order to face their ever-challenging daily routine. Rugi tak baca tau!

*Prices: RM16 – West Malaysia, RM18 – East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)

PS: Mine is worth at RM16 because I bought it somewhere in Sarawak. How miserable! L


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