Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh My English!

I can still freshly keep in mind as I was alone sitting politely on a chocolate-coloured wooden chair in the staff room. I was up to something at that moment, as far as I can recall, examining my students’ composition exercise books. Maybe.

To tell you the truth, that’s the very first time I overheard about ‘Oh My English’, really. The Senior Assistant of Student Affairs (PK HEM), Mr Tauran Gani was so keen on repeating that quite umpteen times. And that caused my mind to get blank all of a sudden and I was being stupid for the time being. What on earth is that?!

Nothing I could think of what the hell this ‘Oh My English’ was all about. Thought it’s a mere typical expression that people mentioned every day. After being all ears, attentively, whenever they talked about Oh-My-English things, now I know that it’s, in fact, a TV programme broadcasted by Astro. Oh I see…

Come to think of it, I thought in bewilderment, “What makes this ‘Oh My English’ as so good as they frequently think?” I couldn’t yet comment anything until I had watched it myself. Previously, I longed to watch it on TV, however, there’s no Astro channels available around at my workplace.

FYI, I’ve no telly at my second home yet. Plus, even if I had, I was still unable to watch it unless I agreed to subscribe Astro as well. Hence, I said to myself, “Just forget it, then.”

“How about Youtube videos?” I suddenly came up with that brilliant idea. Then, I had a go. Searching passionately any videos related to ‘Oh My English’. Just like someone’s searching for big info or something for his company.

Despite having no chance at all to watch every episode/full episodes on TV, as many Malaysians do – it’s no trouble! Alhamdulillah, all short uploaded videos on Youtube have naturally helped me a lot describe the whole TV programme pretty well.

“Hmmm…look somewhat interesting,” I commented interestedly. Whilst watching and downloading those short videos on Youtube, I googled any blogs discussing the hot TV programme in the meantime. There you go, I was right! There’re also a quite number of Malaysian bloggers who busily posted about ‘Oh My English’.

On top of that, I spent a little time reading their so-called genuine comments on the programme. But then, all the comments seemed just so-so, to my mind. Sorry to say. No thoughtful ones I could find. So disappointing.

What a surprise that the telly programme has as well led an English teacher to create an English learning blog. It’s a brilliant idea, I must say. Go ahead! The goal is one i.e. to help Malaysians improve their English mastery.

Personally, the telly programme which looks a fun education-based programme is just timely. As everybody knows that English is a second language in the country and Malaysians are to start learning the colonial language compulsorily since kindergarten.

But so miserably, speaking of English mastery, it can be said that some Malaysians still fail to write in English a lot better, let alone speak in English more fluently even though they’ve left school for ages.

Things are the same to so many varsity graduates nowadays who’re undergoing the same problems. Also, the issue of unemployment in the country sees the graduates’ lack of English mastery as one actual factor of their failure in competing to get a high-paid job. What a shame!

By thinking positive, I’ve decided to give a shot applying all the Oh-My-English downloaded videos during my future English language lessons. In the hope that my students would enjoy the lessons so much. Who knows?

Of all scenes in ‘Oh My English’, I like episode 6. In the scene, the English teacher coming from the so-called United Kingdom i.e. Mr Henry Middleton (Zain Saidin) who teaches Class 3 Merah about Idioms. Do you remember that scene?

I love idioms! Some idioms taught in the scene include ‘break a leg,’ ‘a piece of cake’, ‘hold your horses’, ‘tie the knot’ and whatnot. Awesome!

Please watch ‘Oh My English’ as an English learning alternative whether you intend to improve your English. It’s a recommendation. Happy watching!

PS: I’m trying my hardest to memorise all of the idioms right now…oh my English! 


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