Saturday, November 24, 2012

8 Months Spent for 'Cocktails for Three'

To become such a good writer, it entails someone to gain lots and lots of related knowledge as well as certain skills. It doesn’t 100% depend upon one’s talent, if you ask me. The truth is it can be gained through a proper learning. Step by step. No rushing.

Writing skills, I firmly believe, could probably be the finest basis that one ought to get learning and then practising because practice makes perfect!

And reading, as some of you might’ve known is my pastime. It’s a really good thing, I know. To be educated or even more knowledgeable, reading is one best way that leads to the success. Speaking of reading, I’d love to tell you that I’ve just finished reading up another Sophie Kinsella novel. “Cocktails for Three” is the title of the must-read novel.

Can’t recall pretty well when exactly I made a purchase of that novel. All I can remember is the purchase was made prior to my posting in May. Any day in April I guess. I had already realised on the very first day I possessed it that I seemed kind of unable to read it up in such a short duration. Furthermore, I was shortly posted and my most waited career just got started. In fact, I am a new teacher in Sarawak.

For the first few weeks I had been there, I could still spend a little time carrying my reading on. However, after several months, I had to take my mind off reading temporarily due to the ever-increasing workload. My main focus at the time was more on my job. Of course, my job!

In order to ensure I would be able to spend little time flipping through one or two pages of the novel, especially whilst waiting for the next class, I decided to put it down on my table in the staff room. Surely, I did flip through one or two pages every so often despite it wasn’t that a lot. And still, I was reading. (Some effort deserving a compliment.)

I didn’t naturally manage to read the novel a little more often so I made my mind up putting it down on a table in my room. I wished I could read it more frequently before sleep – even so, I didn’t even find myself reading it that much somehow. Again, work’s been busy. Or was it another lame excuse of mine? You think?

Back before the school break began, I had a hope. I intended to finish reading the novel up, really. And, definitely today, at this second, alhamdulillah I did it! I did it! Feel like telling the world about this good news! I feel thrilled to bits that I managed to finish my reading at last.

To my mind, what makes this novel somewhat extraordinary compared to other collections is the reading duration. Yes, the duration since, I’m telling you, it took nearly 8 months for me to finish reading it up! Wow! Too long. Whatever it is, I’m so glad. Really happy. Wanna hear my comments regarding the novel? Ahmn… from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to say…I like it so much!

Nevertheless, one thing I’ve to say. I regret. I regret for leaving another latest novel I bought there in Sarawak. Shoot! Thought I might allegedly have no time to read the much thicker, bigger novel. And, yup, it’s actually a lot thicker than this Cocktails for Three one. The title of the novel is ‘I’ve Got Your Number’ written by the same author, Sophie Kinsella a.k.a Madeleine Wickham. Oh God. I was being silly.

By the way, should you wonder why I’m so fond of reading Sophie Kinsella novels, lemme suggest that you read one of hers first. Who knows? You might possibly be a new fan of Sophie Kinsella novels afterwards. All the best!


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