Friday, November 23, 2012

The Career I've Chosen

A photo with my Form 2 male students

Having a favorite job is everyone’s target in life. A varsity graduate like me dreams of a job that suits my educational qualification – no question. Setting the perfect goal “2012 Dunia Kerjayaku” before, with the greatest word alhamdulillah, I’d like to express my gratitude to ALLAH the Almighty as, from now on, it’s not merely a goal but a reality!

I couldn’t agree more that only if one does his favorite job will satisfaction be fully attained. It’d sound a bit incredible that someone would enjoy doing a job he dislikes so much. Hence, I’m convinced I shan’t ever regret for choosing teaching profession as my career. I shan’t. Just so you know, teacher has been my aspiration ever since I was still twelve.

When figured out, I’ve been a teacher for nearly seven months already. Due to this ‘success’, you’d better congratulate me by now and thanks for the wish. My workplace is SMK Batang Igan – a small secondary school with a small number of students. It’s located in Dalat (a little district in Mukah, Sarawak).

All I knew about Dalat previously was only because I used to read the short story ‘How Dalat Got Its Name’ written by Heidi Munan. It seems indescribable enough when I’ve got the chance to find out a lot more about this little district on my own. Oh God. How lucky! (Oh please get envious with me. :P)

I’d been naturally slightly well prepared to undergo this new world, to be honest. No wonder if I tell you, student disciplinary problems are amongst the most typical issues in school. (I think we should also discuss teacher disciplinary problems sometimes…heehee!)

More significantly, a teacher must and must have got with them high tolerance and patience. Nevertheless, the teacher’s patience is most frequently tested on account of their respective workload and pressure. (So KPM, please reduce our teachers’ workload!)

Experience’s the finest teacher in life and I gotta say. The previous experience has taught me to be a better teacher in the future.  Also, it keeps the quality of my work improved from time to time. There’re so lots of my weaknesses I’ve noticed after 7 months working hard. I confess. Undeniably, becoming an official teacher is far more complicated than a substitute or teacher trainee. Trust me!

“Jadikan hari ini lebih baik daripada semalam dan hari esok lebih baik daripada hari ini.” I’m slightly unsure either this is a Malay proverb or something else. Whatever it is, that isn’t what I wanna talk about. It’s such a good thing that one learns from the past mistakes. Once bitten twice shy. Keep it in mind.

Should one have truly taken the lesson, I believe, they won’t ever keep repeating the same mistake again unless they’re nuts.  They should be trying pretty hard to improve their own weaknesses or otherwise nothing will change.

After reflecting myself, I certainly need to put a whole lot of effort to be a much better school teacher. After all, not only does work ethic entail all that but so does my religion, Islam.

‘Bekerja kerana Allah, pasti ada ganjarannya.’


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