Friday, February 17, 2012

The Most Terrifying Word Worldwide

Generally, tons of people cannot deny that ghosts are most likely to be an OK reason for being terrified sometimes. There’s sure so many other things out there you can kind of name here in fifteen seconds’ time. Yet, can you precisely name the most terrifying WORD ever? Hmm…uh uh L

Of millions of words which have existed worldwide – regardless of language distinctions – based on my viewpoint, it is believed a bunch of morons are TOO scared of this kind of word. More hilariously, so many school children feel UNEASY too if this word is ever mentioned. Whereas it’s only an abstract noun after all, not even a monster!  

By this second, you must have been all for my hypothesis stating that school children are MOSTLY a coward these days! Alright. Hoped you could still bear to this extent guessing this most terrifying word – though  I ain’t in the mood to keep looking at your innocent face expression identifying of this silly word that TERRIFIES many of us the most!

Hey, I think you're a little nerd! SCREAM!!!


Reading is one of my pastimes. Besides, I adore going sightseeing, watching films/movies, listening to music and going online. To label me as a bookworm, I feel I’m a mere wannabe. Plus, I don’t think I’ve fulfilled each of the criteria of a bookworm that makes me eligible to be labeled so, at least, not yet. Frankly, I pretty much hesitate to make it. Mind helping me with THIS?

I don't get it! Help me solve this following question:
What is the connection between a book and a worm? 
The worm'll have never read a book, will they? It's never happened in the worldly history either. But the mad do!

I have no idea when exactly I have been in love with reading. What’s so much convincing at the moment is that that’s my current HOBBY. Upon looking the word ‘hobby’ up in my Oxford dictionary, it is well defined as ‘an activity that you do for pleasure when you are not working.’ Since then, I’m very SO confident my reading habit suits the definition pretty well. Yea I usually read for pleasure over my leisure time (when I’m NOT working).

Whatsoever, I don’t wanna talk about this yet. A statistic shown in a paper has got me SHAKEN UP while I read it previously insisting that in average, Malaysians are said to read only 2 BOOKS annually which is real GROSS! At least, Malaysia’s lacking of reading habit thing has yet to reach the critical state. Believe it or not, something far LOUSIER has happened in the continent of Africa and you got to believe this!

The illness of poor reading habit has been such a hot, critical issue in South Africa lately, reported by a Malaysian everyday paper. Things are getting even WORSE when a top-notch bookstore in the region was to be CLOSED eventually due to the big loss the book company has to bear as there’s a pretty small percentage of the whole community who’re so into reading. The main cause they highlighted was ILLITERATE cases – no question! Who to blame? I feel real sorry for them since then. L

Were I a language teacher, this is what I’d care to implement in class. First of all, select convenient newspapers as teaching aids, second of all, distribute the newspapers to all students and probably, splitting them up into a few smaller groups would be great! Then have them read a short article on their own, and the last thing to do is test their memory or knowledge based on the article they just barely read. The output can be extremely tremendous!

For the betterment of all and sundry, lemme ‘demonstrate’ myself in case you might get the wrong idea. This is a must! Compare the students’ pre-reading and post-reading sessions. Be sure to analyze the result because this matters. Does the reading activity make ANY difference? Ask your students for the answer, don’t ask yourself! That way doesn’t work out. After a while, have them tell you how reading has BENEFITED them. This can be the most effective means of motivating your students to love reading. Try this out now!

By the way, this is a so-called theory I have ever created. Wow, I really can be a philosopher. I can tell. After giving that a shot later, the next thing you’re required to do is fill me in about its EFFECTIVENESS once you’ve already procured your awesome post-reading result and just in case you don’t know, I shan’t be in the mood of hearing any ineffectiveness from yours, understood?!

I wish my book would be increasing this many in the next four years! Will that be possible?

This reading thing does widen my thinking in addition to getting me MORE educated, knowledgeable. I look smarter too! Tell you what? You won’t seem like an asshole, fool or something like that after all. Doing a whole of reading makes my world better! It has pretty much changed the way I perceive my life and the world, for sure. Not to mention reading enhances my vocab and keeps my writing improved from time to time.

Speaking of reading, I’ve owned a quite number of books as yet. My Bahasa novel collections include an autobiographical novel entitled “Selamat Pagi Cikgu!” by Zainal Haji Bujang (a retired teacher) and the romance novel “Kasih Yang Suci” by Meen Zulaikha. Both novels used to get me sleepless for several days back. Furthermore, they respectively convey some VITAL messages to the readers and one of them was ME. Thus, you’d have read these novels too. How does that sound? Later on, you’ll see I’m not boasting myself but fostering.

Betty Schrampfer Azar’s Understanding and Using English Grammar and Hyacinth Gaudart et all’s Towards Better English Grammar are a couple of my English favorite reference books. Not forgetting the best-selling series Great Britain novel entitled “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” written by Jeff Kinney which gradually helps improve my INFORMAL English mastery. HAR HAR HAR…

Just a kind reminder if you forget, magazines as well come under the book family. Hope this is the truth because I don’t like saying something VAGUE or UNRELIABLE, or otherwise people label me a ‘smart-aleck’. Obviously it’s not me! Reading mags such as MIDI and Harmoni for instance makes me have a second thought of life. In addition, I’m too getting mumayyis (matured) more quickly! HEH HEH. If you disagree, kindly SHUT your mouth UP. That’ll be good.

Should you be among the wealthy (If not, shut up!), why CAN’T you ever spend more cash for books? Are you stingy? Well… maybe you figure this might physically get you broke at the end but a GOOD thing is that, it sure makes you a much better person and I have to say. You’re gonna be someone with lots and lots of must-listen info, trust me! Isn’t that cool? If you’re with me, go pick a book up and start reading, then!

Pampering yourself with bookstores is pretty good!

Back to the main topic, have you forgotten we’re still in the search of the most terrifying word? Aha! Wanna know what the word is? Close your eyes.

Urm…cak! Urm…cak! 

Enough of that! I know you're not a kid any more, are you? Actually, the word I mean is READING! HEH HEH…

Before I pen this entry off, guess what I have just found out? I AM a bookworm. HEH HEH. OK. Till we meet again next time. Adios.

By the way, thanks a bundle for your stopping by. Have a nice day! J

P/s: Please accept this bouquet of red roses as my deep recognition for your time & patience. My huge apology as I can't afford to get you a real be honest, I'm broke! HUHU.


  1. book+worm..when u see the old-ancient-buruk2-koyak2 book that people don't read it anymore n it's kept in the rotten shelf..there might me some worm lives inside the book, we cn see that the worm stay longer with the book than human do no matter how old the book is, that might the reason why they call it book worm..worm can bear with the book longer than man can, if sb spends much time wif d book,they're called 'bookworm'.kut huhu

    1. Oh I see. You're right. It makes sense to me too. Thanks a lot, anyway.