Friday, February 10, 2012

Gonna Burn The Midnight Oil

Looks imperfect if I kept silent and didn’t keep this blog updated on the monthly basis. At least, hope to see the flow when there’re non-stop updates from me from time to time. So I made my mind up spending some time to make sure I do have something to share here with you guys. “Sharing is caring, man!”

Of my random calculation, after all, we ISMP graduates have had a ‘fever’ for the last few weeks. First, to make things crystal clear, ISMP stands for “Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pendidikan” and becomes “Bachelor of Education” when you translate it into Malaysia’s second language. Right. Second, I don’t mean fever per se. This kind of fever sounds pretty weird. It’s best called ‘interview fever’. Exactly, that’s what I’m talking about!

Got two yes-no questions for you:

  1. Are you a hardcore reader to Malaysian daily papers? YES/NO
  2.  Are you an audience to Malaysian TV news at every 8 o’clock sharp every night? YES/NO

Should you fulfill both criteria, it’s hoped you most probably never overlooked the hot-and-spicy issue regarding the delay of ISMP graduates’ posting which wasn’t even finger lickin’ good like KFC. The good news is that this ISMP graduates’ riddle, and is so mine, has been answered at last. Approx. ½ candidates’ names have been listed via the SPP website ever since the past few weeks and a quite number of ‘em have been/are being/are gonna be/will be interviewed pretty soon. How damn anxious!

Hold on a sec., I forgot to tell you that SPP is the very abbreviation for “Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Pelajaran” and they deal with all appointments, interviews and so forth for “Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah (PPPS)” or what Mat Salleh call “Graduate Education Services Officer”. Oh, what the hell is that? PPPS is a technical term for ‘teacher’ in English or what the Malays call ‘guru’ in Bahasa. That’s it! Hence, don’t feel cheated with that stupid term, please. Hopefully not yet.

Now that MY NAME has just been listed by today [deep in my heart, HOW COME THIS EARLY?] and the next thing I knew, it’s time to burn the midnight oil. But, not gonna burn my house, I promise. Lalala.  

Stolen from Google

Well…I know it’s merely an interview, however, if you ask me, this is what I’d say, “It’s not just an interview!” After looking a bunch of so many former interviewees’ comments over, I can tell, it’s gonna be a really tough one. Even worse, this competition seems too high!

This kind of interview expects interviewees like me should’ve known every single thing on this educational stuff, teaching-based info blah…blah…blah including all the government’s on-going super programs, the National Educational Philosophy, Rukun Negara, the transformation programs, National Key Result Area (NKRA), SBT, Gagasan 1 Malaysia, KSSR and even much more. This is excluded with all state, government departments-based info and all that yet. Obviously, all this is so factual! It’s not all about KBKK or something like giving as many viewpoints as you can.  

Honesty is the best policy. To be honest with you, I’m not all into FACTS!

Not only do I need to really memorise pretty dumb terms, I must as well understand each and be able to elaborate very well using my own words. Needless to say understanding does matter but then when it comes to something factual, I turn a bit slow like a walking tortoise. I should find all the stuff out on my own especially when teaching profession would’ve been officially mine soon and yes I know that! Additionally things aren’t getting as easy as ABC for me to figure something out without proper knowledge.  

Sounds cool as I’ve already realized the need for early preparation, not to mention studying extra hard. I’ve been putting myself into study mood for the past few weeks. Hope to keep this up for the next two weeks till I’m truly free from this silly thing. I know ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Can’t deny this has got me worked up and a little more depressed lately. Yup, I’m a bookworm who adores reading. I read because of boredom and typically do it every time I want to. Reading factual notes is boring to my mind, whereas I’d rather pick a novel like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney or a grammatical reference book like Betty Azar’s Understanding and Using English Grammar to read up. Things would give me a knock out instead, really. 

I’m not a perfectionist. Yet, I wanna ensure everything will turn out just fine on the big day. I’ve gotten myself pretty much prepared for the upcoming interview session. Also, seems I’ve managed a whole lot of things up till now such as copying all required certificates, getting new clear holders at a shopping mall, having my hair cut, taking passport-sized photos, booking a black and white nametag and having all the copies of the docs confirmed by ‘Group A’ Officer. I got a Senior Assistant to assist me in this confirmation thing. Hope it’ll be fine with the interviewers soon. Good job my dear!

None the less this isn’t the end yet! Besides never taking any everyday current issues for granted, there’s much more info out there I should’ve been finding out and gaining like from the Net…even though I’m pretty sure all the info is never listed in my favorite reading list stuff. Me poor thing!

This is all for the sake of the SPP interview. Self-confidence is more than significant! For 4 years I did my bachelor’s degree at Uni and am gonna make sure the very momentous date FEB 23, 2012 (Thursday) WILL NEVER let me down! It never will! I’m real convinced the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ is just inside me right now! I’ll do it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it….it’ll be the very day I’ll prove all my impressive credibility and strength that I’ve learned and instilled all this while.

PS: Guys out there, do wish me the best of luck! =)


  1. good luck kerol....yaya (uia)....btw i loooove reading ur blog...ur english superb n very well written...:)

    1. Thanks so much Yaya for reading my blog and the support. Just doing it in order to keep my writing improved. Still looking for all greater skills.