Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Port Dickson Holidays Presented Me My New Habit

Who could ever suppose my excitement and pleasure going holidays in the state of Minangkabau, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus recently was actually more than a mere vacation. There weren’t the popular tourist destinations that made my holidays more than momentous – yet of course, in a word, the holidays were just fun! Hope to go sightseeing to the state again someday.  

Over my 24-hour stay in the district of Port Dickson (I only travelled for less than 48 hours), things have made a difference on me right after looking at several books on a shelf. You can be thinking that I was in a book shop or shopping complex at that time but I’m sorry…your assumption seems completely wrong. I was only in a sundry shop near the Military Museum. It’s just a mile away of my Uncle’s apartment.

Alright, now let’s go back to the main topic, the books. I saw the book titles which quite made me feel like shopping them all and starting to read each one of them. More importantly, the books have made me ‘awake’ from something I’ve been always taking for granted.  It’s reading habit.

What a waste! I’ve been thinking of all the cash I’ve spent previously. Where on earth have I spent all the money to? Did I invest the money as wise as I should? Oh my, I just find out I’ve already wasted plenty of it like hell!

Im such an idiot!

What I’ve seen is chances! Yup, chances….chances to get as many books as possible. They’re all sold at the market every day. The first step I ought to take is get some books there and then read them up. And, everybody knows that books will never let you down, will they? They constantly bring you full of knowledge and useful information. They help you gain knowledge and keep you updated at all times. Indeed, I’m not too much to point out that they’re the best companions ever! Are you all with me? Please raise your hand. TQ.

I firmly believe it’s never too late to mend, anyway (and I’ve turned to a new leaf, syukur). I’m so lucky that my GSTT income hasn’t been banked yet. Impatiently waiting for PDD to bank into my account ASAP. Hurry up, then! So, I’ve made up my mind to benefit some of the whole income for books. What do you say? Erm… wait! What books do I wanna buy? Aha… nice question. I’ve dreamt of having a book written by Donald Trump, an American millionaire. Don’t pretend as if you don’t even know him. I would get his book whether it’s being sold in the city. Last time I saw it somewhere in Kinokuniya, the most well-known bookstore in the Capital City. Very disappointingly, I haven’t found one so far.  [Sigh]

Reading is highly encouraged by Islam in the surah Al-alaq, verses 1-5. The first ayat is ‘Read in the name of your Lord’. Please help yourself to the rest of the surah. On top of that, the consciousness of the significance of reading has led the government in collaboration with the National Library in Kuala Lumpur to have been doing so many things such as motivational campaigns and not forgetting commercial breaks on TV in the hope of encouraging the community to do a great deal of reading. It is hoped that Malaysians will be aware of the essentiality of reading.

Not only that, in 2002, Malaysians were entertained with the song ‘Membaca Gaya Wawasan’ published by Canang Adcalls Sdn Bhd. The ‘reading’ song was sung melodiously by Malaysian top-notch artistes like Siti Nurhaliza, Fazley Yaakob, Sarimah Ibrahim, Nazrey Johari, Dayang Nurfaezah and a few others. The aim is to foster the whole society to take a book and read as in the lyric. Check this out.

Well… I’m pretty sure that everybody realizes that reading is undeniably beneficial. Even a small kid does! But then, what’s the point of saying so if reading is still not your habit? We aren’t all bark and no bite, are we? From now on, let’s make reading our today’s lifestyle, shall we? 


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