Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Job Seeker

Good day my WORLD!

I’d love to share what I underwent last week. With one condition, you first got to know what had happened previously and later on you may keep on reading this up. Your understanding will grow a lot better. Trust me!

After graduating from a well-known varsity in Klang Valley (cer teka cer teka), I decided to stay at home prior to work. Home Sweet Home, isn’t that true? No comment.

Oh my God, it’s been nearly one month I’ve been at home. How incredible! I realize it doesn’t sound pretty good for me as I think I need to do something worthwhile. With enthusiasm and deep interest, I searched a few job vacancies on the Net lately.

I didn’t use to that – yet I attempted to expose myself to those job-searching websites. Even though I know I’m not truly looking for a permanent job as you know, I was a sponsored student, but at least, I wish I could benefit the ‘leisure time’ I have by having a temporary job. Personally, it’s such a brilliant idea to have my own pocket money! I needn’t have to rely much on my parents, too.

Alright. Still remember what I said earlier? – “I’d love to share what I underwent last week”. The question is, “What is it?” Please read on.

FYI… I attended an interview session at a 3-star hotel in Kuala Terengganu last week. Hold on a sec., should I tell you the name of the hotel? Hmm, no need. That was actually my 1st interview after graduation. At least, I could practise it before attending for my future job interview. I applied for the post of receptionist or they officially call it ‘Front Office Assistant’. Do I care? Yeah, nope!

Frankly speaking, I didn’t know that they’re exactly looking for people to hold that post. As I’m dramatically interested in that hotel-based career, I chose to stop by at the hotel to inquire for any available job vacancy two weeks ago. I was just lucky that they told me it’s available at that time. So, they asked me to submit a resume ASAP. Since it’s on Thursday afternoon and they’re off-duty on Fridays and Saturdays (sebab Terengganu kan weekends), thus I’d better hand it as quickly as possible.

To make it happen, I went home whereupon and started typing my resume. Actually I had never written my own resume before. Kelass! Credit to the subject Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi untuk Kerjaya – a compulsory subject taken at my Uni. I did learn the format of a resume during my 2nd Year of study (kalau x silap laa…). Submitting the resume before 5 pm that evening already proved that I eagerly wanted that job. Hopefully that was what they thought. Ha! Ha!

That night, I re-checked the typed resume ‘cause I saved it into a folder in my purplish lappy and you know what? OMG, I screwed it up! I missed to translate some words into English. By the way, before I forgot, I handed 2 resumes, one was typed in Bahasa Melayu and the other was in English. However, alhamdullillah I didn’t get mentally ill for making such stupid errors though I'm still not stupid. :P

I’m still waiting for the hotel to contact me only to inform that:

 “Congrats! You’ve been chosen to work at our hotel. Please come tomorrow at blah3x. Thank you.” 

If I were to be selected, they’d have called me by this coming Wednesday. Hope I’ll have the chance to work there.

What's still on my mind is that 'Is it worth for me working at the hotel with a low-paying income?' Hmm, I feel discontented with the ‘news’ I heard that the income would be approx. MYR 530++ for the job I applied.

By the way, the picture below was a stolen photo of the hotel which I’m talking about. See, it’s not bad, is it?

Just wait whether or not I’ll be employed. I’ll tell you later. Aha. Full-stop!

                    Figure: The Felda Residence Hotel in Kuala Terengganu


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