Monday, June 27, 2011

I ain't a BLOGGER

I’ve long had a blog ever since I took a subject called ‘Instructional Technology’. It’s a compulsory subject taken by all B.Ed UG students. I’m not lying I swear! That’s why you can find there’s an assignment on the evaluation checklist of a school textbook I was required to do. It’s the 1st post I've ever blogged. It’s sorta practice-makes-perfect for me to utilize my little knowledge on blogging. Since I wasn’t that keen on blogging and I guess that totally answered why I left it with zero updates.

                                           Figure: It looked like who I was.

Strictly speaking, I’m an active blog reader! (Boleh laa sebenarnya) Does it sound weird when I like reading other people’s blogs though I got none? Whilst doing my teaching practice at a secondary school in Gombak, I was amongst the most active blog followers. (Ceh wah!!!). I read people’s blogs, even strangers’… ngeh3x

When I evoke the past memories [Flash back begins…]

Once upon a time, I read my ex-buddy’s diary and he wrote down…

‘His lecturer recommended that he keep on writing ‘cause that’ll help improve his writing’

… then I felt like reactivating my ‘abandoned’ blog… I’m actually talking about this blog.

I turned to be even more enthusiastic as my ex-roommate said to me with sarcasm that I should’ve my own blog whether I wanna write longer. I know I can’t do that on my facebook wall. Since then, I said to myself, “Why not?”

Yet, I feel I’ve no idea what to write down whenever I’m sitting in front of my purplish lappy. Well, easier said than done! Now, I also feel as if what I’ve written down is more than absurd!

BUT, it’s OK. It’s just a beginning.

Be positive! Yeah, I will… I will…

I need much more time to keep my writing improved. I’m trying to benefit much by blogging. Writing is an acquired skill that entails much training.

Aha, there’s surely something more out there to be explored. From now on, I gotta set my mind that…


a blogger CAN'T be like this or the number of a married couple getting divorced will be INCREASING... Huhu...aku tak mau tanggung! 


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