Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Lengthy Bus Ride But A More Economical Flight

Let’s say, you’re required to travel to some faraway state, say, the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, and at present you live in the East Coast whose distance is so obviously hundred miles away from, and are given the choice that follows: between flights and express buses (or a train, if available), which one do you prefer a lot more?

Frankly speaking, I dunno should there still be a bunch of people out there guessing that it costs them very much costlier to get on an aircraft. Air Asia, in particular. (Malaysian Airlines isn’t that expensive every so often, do visit Malindo Air online-booking website as well)

Available Online-booking Flight Websites in Malaysia:  (Leading you to Air Asia)
 (Firefly – for Peninsula only) (MASwings - for Borneo only)

Brainwash your mindset right away! Because it’s certainly false.

Well…lemme get this crystal clear, okay? Stop misinterpreting that this is another ‘Jom Naik Pesawat’ campaign, nor is this organized by any flight agencies because it’s definitely not!

All the ‘fuss’ I’m gonna make is all about my mere two cents pertaining to my personal preference of choosing a flight, rather than an express bus ride. Why is that?

I, for the record, would love to proclaim that I fly in the air, statistically, no less than 16 times annually. Sixteen times! But then, this year seems much more. Just like some anonymous VIP’s hectic schedules but, um, never mind.

I’m all for brief-but-meaningful Air Asia’s tagline i.e. ‘Now, everyone can fly.’ Cos it’s unquestionably the truth. Generally, there’s practically billions of people getting on planes daily. And things seem convincingly endless.

Constantly survey promotional flight tickets online! Quite theoretically, the earlier you book, the more inexpensive the tickets are offered. With a bit of luck, alhamdulillah, I myself used to procure the lowest fare (I anticipate) for a one-way Sibu-KL ticket (a two-hour flight, to be honest) for only RM46 and I’m not pulling your leg, really! J

The lowest fare Air Asia usually offers, to my knowledge, for a forty-minute domestic flight (e.g. Kuala Terengganu bound for KL) can be as low as RM42 per passenger, including the airport tax! How economical!!!  

Comparing to an ordinary express bus fare, say, a KL-Kuala Terengganu trip, how much does it cost you currently? As far as I’m concerned, it’s RM42 something, right? Or could be more? Oh my. But, hold on a sec. Please think more thoroughly. RM40++ just for a fucking seven-hour trip? Oh come on. What a freaking wasteful amount of time!

Should you come from KL, there’s a little possibility that you might need to catch an LRT or, even worse, a costly-paying cab to get to the bus station. Once again, extra cash to be spent for this stupid thing. And what about food and beverages you’d tend to consume throughout your lengthy bus trip? Keep in mind that it’s a seven-hour trip, is it not? And don’t you dare to tell me you won’t ever get the least bit thirsty or starving at all? Think of the extra expenses you HAVE TO spend. Wouldn’t it cost you more than a flight? Uh-oh. L

Since Malaysians read books less (According to a credible study conducted that later was published on everyday papers) so I reckon these days, that many ‘celik IT’ bus passengers would rather text than read books, wouldn’t they? More miserably, I’ve never even spotted any Muslims reciting the holy Qur’an on a bus ride either. At least, not a single one all five years long I commuted. Have you ever seen any? Some passengers on board fancy listening to music (Surely not even Islamic ones) that is allegedly believed that that ‘pastime’ is able to make them less bored. Lazying over a long-hour bus ride, personally, is such a massive waste of time!

Will you kindly help me, if possible, name which idiots that don’t want to reach their expected destination most instantly? Unless they do intend to enjoy the indescribable glory of the Titiwangsa range scenery all the way to the East Coast or back to the Capital City. Then, it’s alright.

Speaking of comfort, yeah, I firmly couldn’t agree more that you’ll surely feel much more comfy by aircraft. Unless you’ve got this 'jet lag' illness. That one I can’t even give you a helping hand – however, there’s one practical tip I most frequently do and axiomatically it works! Eat some sweet candies on a flight. Mainly prior to departure. My precaution: Don’t eat too many candies in that they’re fatally unhealthy for your teeth.

Additionally, an aircraft is very well equipped with, at least, four free-of-charge toilets available for all passengers on board. But conversely on a bus ride, what action can you take once you feel like peeing or defecating? Gotta wait impatiently until the bus driver has the bus stopped first somewhere (after you’ve informed the bus driver already), maybe at a petrol station nearby or a food court by the highway, etc. What if these mentioned locations are still ten miles away? What a pity!

Most Malaysia’s domestic flights only take less than sixty minutes (If within Peninsula) or a couple of hours (If bound for Borneo Island). Which means, for sure, you haven’t gotta be seated on the flight for the longest time. A forty-minute flight, I’m pretty sure, hasn’t already made your butt too itchy, utterly ‘painful’, has it? HARHARHAR… Even if it really has, think again after you’ve just made a comparison between a flight and a bus trip. I’m so much convinced that you’d possibly choose to fly, regardless of the current flight fares.

And in the end, how come you still would rather choose a bus ride than a flight? Trust me, it’s worth every penny. Unless you find the current flight fares more than costly that you can’t even afford. Then, that’ll be just fine. Better choose an express bus, in that case.

PS: Will be flying real soon for the fiftieth time with a teenage lad named Adyson Miller.


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