Monday, December 23, 2013

Goldfish's My New Pet

It all began out of the blue as my little brother keenly recommended that we drop by at a fish shop nearby, though for a sec. And we’re, as a matter of fact, on our ride home.

The fish shop’s located just next to a petrol station of Jalan Sultan Mahmud and just another 200m away is a roundabout exclusively decorated with a well-known Terengganu engraved stone replica, which’s in the middle of the roundabout and which then has axiomatically increased the magnificence of KT city centre.

Now that it’s, I supposed, such a brilliant idea so it’s good whether we both could stop by, only for a short time, anyway. I swear I had no intention at all to make any purchase in the first place.

In the small shop, there’re lots of multi-size aquariums, respectively occupied by a wide range of fish species as well as lobsters. Of my nonchalant observation, among the fishes available there included goldfish!

Well…I’ve been longing to own an aquarium of a school of goldfish, like, for ages. Yup, definitely! I’d no idea why, at the moment, the utmost beauty of goldfish was so truly drawing my attention. And the strong feeling of possessing such beautiful goldfish was bloody killing me, feeling like letting everybody know how much I wanted the fish.  

Thinking of an aquarium at home being occupied by the only lobster, it seemed a really waste of electricity – which is used every single day, all day long – to allocate only for one lobster! I was thinking of adding some fish in the aquarium. “Why not?” I heard myself saying thoughtlessly.  

Using some fishing tackle (Dunno what they name the equipment), my fresh chocolate-coloured eyes were, at present, choosing a few more beautiful goldfish as seen in the goldfish-occupied aquarium there. At least, a couple – my target.

Talking about the price, it only cost me RM4 each. Inexpensive enough! Hence, price, personally, should no longer be my excuse for not buying some. Once again, a dream come true. Other than that, I too bought a pack of plastic plants, looking like sea weeds as extra decoration.

Due to my deep interest towards goldfish, I dared buy four goldfish. Seemed I got a little too carried away just after making the payment. “Can’t wait to get home,” I whispered.

About eighteen minutes later, I guess, after having undergone some typical traffic jams during the peak hour, alhamdulillah, we eventually reached home safely. Hastily, I started moving all the four goldfish out of the transparent plastic filled with oxygen into an even more enormous aquarium. “All of ‘em are gonna live as freely as possible there,” I sort of hoped.

Seeing the apparent liveliness of each one of the energetic-looking swimming goldfish, honestly speaking, I felt so much overwhelmed with the feeling of delight and gratitude to Allah the Almighty for all that. This used to be my dream. My face spontaneously gave a smile showing the feeling of real satisfaction for getting to see a school of beautiful swimming goldfish.

 “Oh my, officially, I’ve now owned my pets. And they’re goldfish,” I knowingly said in disbelief.

PS: Do you like goldfish too?


  1. I once got one too, years back, for school project, and it died right after the project was marked. Happy feeding the fish! :)

    1. Your comment sounds a bit scary, in my opinion. I'm afraid I'd lose them like what unexpectedly had happened to yours. Having said that, it's too enjoyable to see them lively swimming.