Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Life I've Chosen

Do me a favour. Verbally, please mention several occupations available worldwide. Doctor – accountant – lawyer – businessman… and hang on! Kindly allow me to add another one. Teacher. And I choose it since… I myself, unquestionably, am a school teacher! Aha. J


Contemplate. Let’s all ponder, shall we? Just a second. Less than 60 seconds. Here’s a question for you to have it answered: Did they previously choose to become such awesome people? I mean… people having a tip-top career?

As I firmly feel convinced that you guys have got something called… a super mind. I, therefore, reckon you’d see eye to eye that most of them have already made their mind up choosing that kind of life and, frankly speaking, so have I!

Neither am I saying my life’s perfect. Nor complete. Yet, alhamdulillah, it seems I ain’t always daydreamt all this while. I’m working the hardest possible, conversely. And I feel very much grateful to The Almighty for making who I am today. I’d feel so deeply honoured to my own self.

Pretty sure that the life I go on with today is what exactly I’ve chosen. And I’ve chosen to be a teacher. Despite the low-paid salary, I’m feeling so good. Much more thankful. Now that I’ve gotten my own monthly income, I’m able to do whatever I long. As long as it isn’t, I think, too much.

As a government ‘slave’, [What’s wrong with that, anyway?], I’ve nothing to worry about when it comes to income. I guarantee, my income will be ever-increasing. Annually. Alhamdulillah.

Making a purchase of a slightly costly financial management-based book at market is supposed to be regarded as a good investment. That I don’t axiomatically seem to be taking financial matters for granted any more. I’m genuinely serious as well as ready, for sure.

Life contains full of mysterious, hilarious, inspiring, indescribable things to be explored on our own. As though it’s such a huge loss whether we aren’t enjoying our lives to the fullest.

Can’t deny that our decision is very hugely influenced by parents, folks, peers, etc. It, consequently, tends to make us feel a teeny bit uncomfortable sometimes.

Things’ve changed! Currently, I’ve grown up! Yahoo! Whilst I’m still alive, I’d love to attain each dream of mine. A number of dreams demands a little sacrifice including finance itself – but most importantly, I am enjoying my life that much. That’ll do. If you ask me.

I survive at present listening to what my instinct says. I DON’T CARE about others’ negative point of views that will only make me even less enthusiastic at all times! One ought to follow one’s heart. So long as it ain’t against the Islamic teaching, in my two cents… go ahead, then!

“There’s nothing to regret because you chose it!”

Going travelling is one of my favourite pastimes. And yeah, I’m going overseas around the corner, flying to Singapore at the end of this June for the very first time of my overseas holiday. And I can’t help feeling on top of the world with what I’m gonna do.

And travelling around the world is certainly my dream! And I ain’t Mat Jenin’s grandson or whatever. I wanna ensure my dream come true, not eventually ending up a mere wishful thinking. At least, it can’t be me! Oh, come on!

Thank God, it’ll turn out to be a reality soon. And I feel so indescribably thrilled to bits. Alhamdulillah. Thank you ALLAH. For this golden opportunity.

Sounds pretty exhilarating that I can’t help telling you that I’m gonna be on vacation in Brunei Darussalam this coming September. And not forgetting, Indonesia this November. The state of Sabah will be one of my choices as well. Insya-ALLAH. This year! 2013 will turn out to be one of the most happiest year in my entire life! Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

In a nutshell, all I can say is that nothing’s impossible, if ALLAH wills it. Saving millions of cash will be just utterly worthless whether I’ve no idea on how to spend it wisely. And I bet I shan’t bring all my money along to the grave, shall I? Benefiting some of my monthly saving in order to fulfill my desire, thus, can’t be a huge waste, can it? And, I would say…why not?

Besides, this is the life I’ve chosen. And let me be. After working so hard [Not hard enough, actually], all the effort is going to be paid. At last. With travelling! Heehee… And, of course, your life could be different compared to mine. Because there’s one thing you must and must constantly keep in mind.

“What you’re doing is mostly what you’ve chosen.”

In other words, that’s your life you’ve chosen. If not, fire yourself away, ‘why have I to be doing all this stuff, should that be not what I really wanna do?’

PS: Happy holidays!
Written by: Khairul Anuar

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