Monday, April 9, 2012

Remaining Unemployed Isn't All Bad

Breakfast is very crucial indeed, if you ask me. A must for the-early-bird-catches-the-worm society. Mind you, would be fine whether you’re always sleeping in every morning. Like me. Heehee. (Sounds like a loser’s confession. LOL.).

Staying up for an hour without breakfast can get me into hot water. Stomachache. And freaking starved. And this is who I am.

Rarely do I stay up in the whole morning unless I’ve no choice. At work, for instance. Pretty sure I’m not a morning type of person and so was my Semantic lecturer. Whoops. She did confess before us in a lecture, OMG. Incredible! Well… it’s a shame, really. Do we both have the same bad habit, too? HAR HAR HAR…

Can’t deny gettin’ up much earlier in the morning is such a good thing! The truth is, you can say that again. Used to read up an article in a mag discussing the goodness of being ‘the early bird catches the worm’ people. Not gonna talk about that now, though. At least, not now.

Every time I sleep in, later on I find myself regretting of all the big loss I’ve deliberately made. A pretty huge waste of time, you know! That’s why I’m constantly takin’ brunch instead of breakfast.

Also, a few years back in Uni, most undergraduate varsity students like me hardly ever had breakfast on account of the so-called time constraint whereas I overslept. Most of the times, brunch was an option. Busy bee, more like. The question is, “Oh really or this is only a trick?”

My daily routine seems to have already changed a lot today. All has long begun due to my lousy current status – unemployed. And unmarried? Oh, no need to mention that out here.

Most typically, after getting through all these three following things: taking bath, performing solah, brunch, and the next thing I usually do is making a hot tea or coffee. May be ho-ho-ho Horlicks, Finnish coffee (that my cousin bought it for us in Finland), Cappuccino (In case the stock still lasts) or anything I like for a drink. Must be hot, not cold! Because I’m hot! Ha Ha Ha…

Been kind of norms that I put my drink down on a square table in the living room. Just leave it there for a couple of minutes. Till it’s getting a bit warm or so. Why the hell must I put that down there, anyway? Aha. Good question!

Just because that’s where I most regularly end up reading a novel. Yea, kind of my daily routine. And yeah, my pastime is obviously reading. I take a sip of the drink repeatedly whilst enjoyin’ my precious reading moment. Let’s drink first, shall we? Heehee.

Upon feeling uncomfortable, that indicates I’ve to make a little move. My legs on the armchair. My head lying on the other armchair. Perfect! And forever look out with my sarong so I shan’t look sexy on others’ observation. Aha.

Believe it or not, I can stay there for three to four hours long. Sounds rather awkward to convince myself in the first place, I know, that I’m able to concentrate on my reading for a very much longer time than I used to. Totally proud of my performance these days. Which I sense I must carry this on. I will. For life!

Only shall I quit reading when it’s time to fetch my kid sister from school Her Obligatory Knowledge class finishes at four-thirty P.M. Particularly on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Normally, I pick her up by motorcycle. Only takes 5 minutes to get to the school. For the record, it’s a primary school.

After returnin’ home, I perform Asr prayer in the TV room. Take it easy. There’s actually no telly in there for the time being, anyway. I keep reading the novel on and on then. Only would I ever stop reading when I reckon, “Alright. Enough for the day.” The novel is closed and kept somewhere reachable.

The next thing I’d love to do is to surf the Internet. Going online. Very significant in order to keep me posted at all times. The very first web I compulsorily sign in is, sure enough, facebook. Quite addicted to that social web for the last two years ever since I signed up. So awful. Dunno why.

Still, I very much loathe spending for hours facebooking. Sometimes, I spend only five minutes for facebook and shortly after that, I shut my laptop down. It’s dull. Fed up, I suppose.

Things become slightly more different on Sundays and Thursdays. By six in the evening, (Regularly get them done latest by a day before – a stitch in time saves nine!) I must’ve had all my teaching learning resources ready. Because that’s who I am – a tutor on Sunday and Thursday night. By the way, the English Language is the subject I’m teaching.

The reason for havin’ myself well prepared for all this ‘cause I don’t wanna count on the tutorial center for required materials all the time. I know I’m a university graduate. I know I’ve got a bachelor’s degree. I know I’m not dumb enough to become a bookish jerk, am I? I do have a brain and am supposed to impart my knowledge I’ve acquired on the students, not sort of sharing knowledge from bloody books any more, right? Think, after graduation last year, I’d be a lot smarter than I was, shouldn’t I?

There’ll be two slots, as a matter of fact. In other words, two classes. One slot takes an hour. So, I teach for a couple of hours per night. On average, around 13-18 students a class if I’m not mistaken. Both are all primary school students.

Eager to find out how I feel when teaching ‘em? Aha. I feel a bit tense. Occasionally. Which is quite normal. However, they’ve gotten the sense of humour that I can’t help laughing out loud sometimes. At least, that cures when I’m really under pressure. It works out!

Wondering what else I do besides doing all this stuff? Hmm… er… oh, shopping! Heehee. To be more precise, book shopping. Yup, I’m a shopaholic after all. Not that I’m proud of being labeled that way.

Freshly bear in mind one line of the American movie script of “Confessions of a Shopaholic” that goes, ‘When I shop, the world gets better’. Do you remember? And this is the thing I’ve gotta say, “Naturally it is!” I’m all for that. It’s the ugly truth. When entering a bookstore named PSI2 in Kuala Terengganu city center, needless to say, my favourite corner is novels/books. Or where else?!

Something in there that you feel like shopping all books you adore within an hour. Nay, one hour is never enough! Should be more! Oh my, book shopping drives me nuts every so often and I must say. But then…the excitement, the joy I’m feeling as queuing up at the cashier counter and shortly am taking out a note for the payment. Can’t you ever feel it?

And after stepping outta the bookstore, I’d be walking like the happiest man in the world! Like on a catwalk. Like a model. Like a celebrity. Like a V.I.P. As though the feeling of this indescribable pleasure and delight is truly filling all the empty space in my body. Like you’re pouring some juice from a jug into a glass. Heading briskly to my motorcycle whereupon.

Riding for ten minutes is like an hour ride. Lookin’ forward to getting home, to be perfectly honest. And then what? Of course, GET reading. Reading on and on. And guess what? The reading material one picks may probably affect the way one thinks. One’s thought as well as writing skills. I’m saying all this because I’m of ‘em. Definitely!

Whatever! This seems to have been my daily routine I’m pretty psyched to live in at the moment. I’ve no idea if this kind of fantastic life would be spoilt pretty bad once I’ve had my career. Which I ain’t in the mood of thinking of that thing yet, anyhow.

Wish all of you have such a wonderful routine like mine too! Be sure to spend some time of yours for reading. As it counts.

PS: Will I become an educator this year?


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