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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Midnight Person

You needn’t a dictionary like the Oxford or McMillan (Pls back me up if I misspelled the word OK!) to look this noun phrase definition up. Ya, it’s a noun phrase, is it not? Nor do you need to google it in the hope of finding it out. It’s a waste of time. Because FYI, I created it on my own. HAR HAR. Tipah tertipu!

OK. I must be pretending to be so serious. Well…I’m kinda serious person too. Don’t get misunderstood with this noun phrase of mine. If you guess it refers to ghosts, orang minyak and blah...blah...blah, sorry that’s not what the very meaning is. SPLASH on your face NOW! Get soaked? HA HA HA… padan muka!

Dunno if I’m the only one now thinking about this stupid stuff. As if it’s the truth that humans can be categorized into, at least, several groups. Morning person, afternoon person, evening person and midnight person. So, which one are you? Don’t gimme an answer yet because I don’t ask to. 

I like morning and yup I used to read an article on how getting up early in the morning would do me good. I mean us. To make the long story short, I’d better take my mind off that. Afternoon person? Urm…quite like me I guess although I’ve never admitted that. Just because I got this kind of bad habit waking up too late. Whoops! Sudah TERbongkar rahsia. and my big mouth!

More axiomatically, I’m a midnight person - no question! I have no idea how to explain all this to you as if it's slightly indescribable, but I’m pretty sure what I’m saying. No doubt. Whilst studying at Uni in the past, I most frequently burnt the midnight oil till morning. Call me anything you like but this is the ugly truth. Yup, the truth is so ugly at times! I didn’t use to stay up for doing revision but mostly doing my boring assignments. My ideas were coming much more easily at night. Are you as well in the same boat with me? Hands up!

You may call me a batman... but please not an owl man cos it sounds old, you know. The reason I disagree with ‘owl’ is because I'm so sure I’m pretty young. Not such a bad idea to be called Batman cos he is always a very strong character in a film. LOL.

I’m not saying I’m against the time cycle Allah created. Night is most suitably for humans to relax and chill themselves out. What's night to them animals and insects, huh? Scratch that! Besides sleeping, Muslims are highly encouraged to perform Qiamullail that makes them pretty much closer to the Almighty. One article I read in a few years back, there’re people in the world who just have three-hour sleep daily. Wow! May I sign up this group too? HUHU. Quite awkward because I’m a bum.

What I love doing at night is reading and watching movies. Barely do I listen to music. Reading at night gets me a knock out. I read for pleasure not pressure. I’m able to comprehend texts better at night. Also, I’m able to appreciate my reading even better. My brain is well ON.

But then, something bothers me occasionally. An assumption I ever read from an article if I'm not mistaken stating that one should fall asleep after eleven P.M. since that’s when one's memory is being processed. Is that so? Wallahu`alam, no comment. Tell me if you ever find a scientific fact about this later.

Reading after midnight commonly is full of pleasure. Because at this second, there’s not so much irritating noise people on earth can make. Not even monkey noise. They all have gone to sleep. To all 'monkeys' and monkeys, off to bed guys! Sweet dream! HEH HEH. That means I can stay focused more upon my reading. I don’t know if I’ve supporting facts to really back up my statement. I don't want to be seen as an idiot on your eyes. Cover. Cover. 

Some people are capable of doing some tasks much better in the daytime. But some others at night. Should you still wonder whom the midnight person I’m referring to, it’s ME myself. Actually, I’m a midnight person if you ask me. But once again, I'm warning you not to call me an owl man because it sounds old. I’m more than young and you know that! HEH HEH HEH.  

The midnight person without his baby. SMILE!

So, what kind of person are you?


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